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2022 Playoffs Bracket

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How Seeding works in case of a tie:

If match was played against each other - the winner of that match gets highest seed

If no matches played together - I look for like matches - Which teams did they both play, then choose higher seed based on winner of those like matches

If none of the above come into play, then a coin is flipped to see who is seeded where

How Tee Times Work:

I will be basing tee times off which flight plays where.

I will always try to have 2nd flight teams play later in the day.

That may not always be the case so please work with me and do your best to show up for your tee time.


If there are any issues, please let me know so I can try to work something out for your match.


We are running a double-elimination playoff starting Sept 16th which will consist of 6 rounds:


Round 1 - September 1st 


Round 2 - September 8th


Round 3 - September 15th


Round 4 - September 22nd


Round 5 - September 29th

Round 6 - October 6th

Round 6 - October 13th

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