Golf League

Golf League Update

Hello everyone, thanks for being a member of the Melrose Elks Golf League this year. It has been going surprisingly great so far considering the circumstances.


Here is information in how we are moving forward.

Firstly, dues will be $80 for the year. The reasons I picked this number are:

  • Number of participants dropped significantly (low total money pool)

  • Banquet will more thank likely NOT be held at the Elks, but in my backyard under a large canopy – which may need to be rented – Tables and Chairs provided by Elks


Important notes:

  • My yard is (surprisingly) large enough to accommodate 30+ people

  • Because we may not be at the Elks for the Banquet – we are losing $400 in Alcohol. The Elks always generously gave the Golf League $400 towards an open bar for the banquet.


League Structure:

  • League ENDS September 9th at 13 weeks

    • Since Points are all added together as 1 flight – We are going to payout the top 5 places at league end.



  • Playoffs BEGIN September 16th – Oct 7th (October 14th for 3rd place)


      • Due to Tee Time Regulations & length of Playoffs

    • Playoffs will be DOUBLE ELIMINATION

      • Winner of the Winners Bracket will receive the 1st Place Prize

      • Runners up will receive 2nd Place Prize

      • Winner of the Loser’s Bracket will receive 3rd Place Prize


Help Needed:

If you noticed on the attached, nothing is being taken out of dues for Food. I have received several donations which equate to about $40/team so far to help with Food/Beer costs - which ran out last week.



Thank you to the DaRochas, Galvins, Vinny P, Lebrun/Dunne, St Claire/Taylor & Steve Vaughan for donating. (If I missed you, I apologize)

I will be accepting donations for Food/Beer costs for the rest of the year (7 more weeks of League)